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Artist Name: Wizmolly

Who are you?

Wizmolly well known as Sanele Nkosi is a young talented musical artist from a city called Bergville at KwaZulu Natal,South Africa.Wizmolly was raised by her grandparents with his brothers and sisters.He started his musical journey at a younger age when he was doing grade 7 in 2016, discovering his talent and passion for creating music and writing songs.

He is a multi-talented and diverse artist and has been perfecting his craft for years with his team(Slime Gvng).He started doing Gospel music and was encouraged by his class teacher Mrs Twala to keep going and never loose hope. Wizmolly released his first few songs on soundcloud back in 2017/2021 featuring SimCado,YB Obsessed,Saucy Lad and Pro Adapt in which he gained thousands of fans and streams across the globe. His main audience being in the USA, Canada,South Africa and many more, marking the start of Wizmolly’s Career.

Where are you from?

I'm from South Africa and the music we like is amapiano and many more genres.

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Song Title: Your Game

Listen to Wizmolly:

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