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Artist Name: Wsg Wrld

Who are you?

im just trying to give back to the people who beleived in me and helped me i wanna make music that can help and potentially save alot of people i freestyle it off my heart and mind and genuinely how im feeling most of the time i went through alot of truama as a child and i know other people have gone through similar if not worse then me and i wanna help them

Where are you from?

im from california. i ended up moving alot cause of my military family and im now in virginia. the music out in virginia isnt that bad from what ive heard and ive met alot fo cool artist down here who have collabed with me.

How can we follow you?

this is my soundcloud
this is one of my spotify accs
and this is where i make most of my music

Song Title: 180

Listen to Wsg Wrld:

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