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Artist Name: Xaiyo

Who are you?

Ireland-based rapper Xaiyo is noted for his smooth, agile melodies and his catchy lyrics about his up-bringing and his life from past to present. A founder of the collective Pyromania Records, he broke out with his collaborative releases in 2021 with the likes of Ajuri & Xistential. Near the end of the year Xaiyo went on to release his debut EP "Index" Focusing on mental health and helping people with the music within the project.

Where are you from?

Xaiyo was born in Munster, Ireland and raised in a small town in the country within the state. He wrote his first raps in primary school and made his first bedroom recording at the age of 11. A creative kid, he started making YouTube videos under many different names as a kid. Xaiyo was an ambitious child who dreamed of having a unique job such as an influencer or having some sort of internet persona. Realizing he had a knack for the art of music, he began producing, writing and mixing his own raps with some of his closest friends at the time.

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Song Title: grave digger! ✰

Listen to Xaiyo:

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