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Artist Name: xtatus

Who are you?

Man just don't know where im heading to… but… i do alot of stuff like breakcore, eurodance, hands-up, italodance, nightcore and trap music .etc ya know edm stuff much lately
mostly im just doing rap music
so as artist i see myself like im a underdog ya know cuz everybody that dms me says "how come you're popping off" or "man you gonna be up next just work harder" things like that but the pressure from that gets me and lotta people has expections ya know

Where are you from?

in tha mf central coast yesirrr and the scene out here in monterey is kinda non-existent there's like 20 people who do beats and rap on em and most of em are not my cup of tea per se
basically saying the im the most melodic in my area….
oh yeah there's one thing like working with yung hurn is crazy to think bout it tho and s/o to k1dzheart, cenketsu and shigma!!! much love <3

How can we follow you?

my socials

Song Title: STARKIDS – Perfect Badnews [xtatus mashup]

Listen to xtatus:

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