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Artist Name: Yilgoren Music

Who are you?

In 2019 Yilgoren Music was created as a Brand. Releasing an instrumental EP called "Mentality"
Arda Yilgoren started to write songs with different local artists. looking to grow his audience.

On Nov 23-2021 Yilgoren Musics first single as a singer/rapper Broken Puzzle was released. The song is about a Brake up over a Text mesasge. With the positive feedback he received from the single he is now working on a new EP with him as a producer / singer.
On Feb 5th Life Was Released as 3rd Single

Where are you from?

Born in Turkey, Istanbul living in Toronto Canada since 2001 ,Arda Yilgoren is a versatile musician/songwriter/producer/singer/guitar and bass player.
At Age of 17 Arda yilgoren created a pop/rock band called Futures past ,recording 2 full albums the band went on to play all across canada and their success led them to play the 2004 Warped tour.

After the band broke up in 2014 Arda yilgoren decided to make his own music and began making beats and recording guitar tracks. Making over 100s of beats in 2015 he started working with other local artists and started producing. His versatility started to show and he was producing any genre from rock/hip-hop/jazz/blues/alternative .

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Yilgoren Music – Youtube

Song Title: Life Was

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