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Artist Name: Yung Rich

Who are you?

I’m A Piano Player And Drun Set Player Which Ultimately Formed Me Into A Producer / Artist Manager / Sheet Music Writer / Ghost Writer, And All Up That Made Me Into A Professional Recording Hip Hop Artist. My Music Features Real Life Stories About Growing Up With Nothing While Still Keeping It Bumping For The Club And Maninstream.

Where are you from?

I’m Nolan Rich From Dallas Texas. My Stage Name Is Yung Rich Because My Legal Last Name Is Rich. I Started Piano And Drum Set At 8 Years Old And That Got And Got Me As A Recording Artist. Hip Hop Is Huge In My City. But Most Artist Get Shot Here Or End Up Dead. I’ve Also Been Shot And I Over Came That To Get Out And Make A Life Outside My Block. Mo3 Was My Favorite Artist And He Is The Reason I Strive So Hard At Making It Out With Music. Unfortunately He Was Shot And Killed In Dallas In 2020. TrapBoy Freddy And Yella Beezy We’re Also Shot But Survived. So The Music Scene Here Is Huge But Violent. So I’m Giving My Dream And My Passion For Music And Hip-Hop To Drive And Push My Career To The Next Level So I Can Give My Mom A Better Life And Move Her Out The Hood But Also Help My Hood And Give Back So We All See Better Days.

How can we follow you?

List Of My Music Links:

Spotify Album “Legally Rich”

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Song Title: Flip Flop – Yung Rich

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