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Artist Name: Yvng Vxn

Who are you?

As an artist im very dedicated hardworking and determined its been a dream of mine it helped thru my darks times which is what i wanna do for people as well, at the moment im perfecting my craft, i have a couple of goals when it comes to the industry feel me, im laid back im just a vibe to be around if im being honest.

Where are you from?

Im from Connecticut the music scene out here is lowkey but couple of ppl ik is starting to go up feel me, shout out to kee valid, ysm lock, other ct artists too, i just started so im tryna creat a fanbase feel me my music is on that melody rap wave. its a vibe im ngl.

How can we follow you?

Fans can follow and listen on soundcloud @Yvng Vxn instagram which is @Yvng_vxn, my spotify which is Vxnny phantom but the name is changing to Yvng Vxn.

Song Title: Deceased

Listen to Yvng Vxn:

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