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Artist Name: Zelo Cung

Who are you?

I’m like one of a few Chin artists that make rap music when people don’t really take it serious about the Chin Rap scene back in the day so I can say that I’m one of the people who start Drill music in the chin rap scene.

Where are you from?

I’m from Chin State,Myanmar(Burma) but I live in the states (Dallas Texas). People don’t really listen to Hip Hop in Chin State so it’s hard to make rap song and go viral because of that,but now it the new wave and a lot of people pay attention to Chin Rap Scene nowadays. I already make a name for myself in the Chin Rap community and I’m tryna take it to the next level

How can we follow you?

People can follow me on IG-Zelocung and people can also listen to my music on YouTube etc Zelocung or Zelo Cung

Song Title: Cblock

Listen to Zelo Cung:

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